Easiring™ Online Microring Hair Extension Course – Standard Kit


Easiring™ Online Microring Hair Extension Course – Standard Kit


We pride ourselves on our exceptional hair extension training syllabus and the excellent standards maintained in the delivery of our hair extension courses. We are proud to boast that we have accredited students from both the UK and overseas. Many of our students have gone onto set up lucrative businesses within the hair extensions industry.  Be inspired by our accredited hair extension trainers who have the technique, skills and passion to teach. On successful completion of your online hair extension course, you will receive an industry approved, recognised Hair Extension consultant certificate.Our Easiring™ Microring hair extension training courses are now delivered from the comfort of your own home. You will be taught via our in-depth theory syllabus the intricacies of how hair extensions are sourced, sourcing good quality hair extensions, testing hair extensions properly + much more. Also, learn how to professionally install, maintain and remove hair extensions safely. We even offer a separate hair extension cutting course for our existing students at a discounted rate.


Easiring™ Microring Hair extensions. Online Hair Extension Course. 



Take a sneak peak into our online training portal here: https://easiringonlinehairextensioncourse.thinkific.com/

With over 18 years’ experience within the hair extension industry, Easiring™  is a concept derived from an accredited hair extension training program.

The Easiring™ tool allows the user to apply multiple Micorings to a person’s head at any one time. Several strands of I Tip hair extensions are inserted into the rings and clamped flat. The sectioning comb is designed with the exact measurements, therefore cutting down on sectioning time. The slider allows each ring to glide up the hair shaft in multiples of 5 as opposed to having to fit them one at a time.

The popularity of hair extensions has never been greater. The hair extension market has exploded by 40% in 2014 alone & is estimated to be worth a staggering $27 billion by 2023. £60 million of this revenue is contributed by the UK. And guess what? Microrings are still the industry leader, against 36 of its rival techniques.

At the end of your training course, you will receive an industry-recognised qualification & access to insurance for just £43 for the year. (country dependent)

Following your Online Easiring™ course, you will be equipped with the skills and confidence to work for any salon or set up your own lucrative hair extension business.

Our patented Easiring™ hair extension course is delivered by Arkitect Hair Extension Academy. It combines in-depth theology along with practical assignments via our online training portal (globally) or face to face training at your salon, home, or college (UK only). Our professional package is the ideal platform for our salon & college partners to move into the exciting world of Micro ring hair extensions.

• Micro ring Hair Extensions now fitted 5x Faster than the standard method. Serve more clients in a day, increase those revenues and beat off your competition!

• Our Easiring™ online hair extension course is now available globally and is a fully accredited program that has far surpassed industry standards.

• Online courses are ABT Accredited and are fully certified. An Insurance approved certificate is posted upon a pass being granted by your assessor.

• 40% discounts on temple sourced 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions.

• £45 non-refundable deposit will kickstart your online training experience. Train now Payl8r finance options are also available & your training kit will be posted to you the next working day after your payment has been made.

• Introduction to the hair extension anatomy framework and terminology. Our theology syllabus is unrivaled as we spill the trade secrets and cover the nitty-gritty topics other academies do not touch.

No prerequisites are required on this hair extension course.

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