Meet Mel

My name is Melanie Kirk and I am the founder of Easiring. I have been a hair extensionist for over a decade and have run my own hair extension training school for many years. During this time, I have seen an immense increase in poorly fitted hair extensions come into my academy. Women suffering from thinning and bald spots all due to too much weight being applied to the head, there’s traction alopecia forming around hairlines and don’t even get me started on the amount of allergic reactions all due to a lack of ring allergy testing, the list goes on.

One day an idea was put on my heart, utilising the most popular hair extension method currently on the market. The microring. A solution, this is the way to make this installation safe and quick with detailed online tuition taken from an accredited hair extension training programme. An assistant for those who have been in the game for years, and a solution for those new to the industry.

I give you Easiring…