Don’t I need to be a hairdresser to fit hair extensions?

In a word, no. The UK hair extension sector is currently not governed, which means that you do not need to be a qualified hair extensionist or hair dresser to apply hair extensions. We hold over 18 years’ experience in the hair sector and our extensive research has found that there is no obvious benefit of having hairdressing experience to be able to apply the Easiring method. It’s that easy!

How does purchasing your Easiring tool compare to sitting a hair extension course?

Mel Kirk, the founder of Easiring is a qualified hair extension educator and assessor in over 10 hair extension methods. She has successfully run a hair extension school and franchisees for the past 8 years and prior to that ran several successful hair extension boutiques. She has delivered accredited hair extension courses into salons and colleges on a global scale. The Easiring tool is derived from an accredited training programme which has far surpassed industry standards. Throughout Easiring’s rigorous testing, all measurements of the concept are equal to those delivered on an accredited hair extension training course, ensuring that the sections are the correct height and width and the measurements form an adequate drop from the scalp are to the mm. All this whilst ensuring there is freedom and flexibility on each ring. The safety aspect of the production of this concept was at the forefront of the design. The online tutorial videos are in depth and cover aspects from the training syllabus to ensure that the client is equipped with hair extension knowledge along the way!

How long does it take to apply a full head of hair extensions?

Having trained hundreds of students globally in this hair extension technique, we have found that in some instances it can take up to 4 hours to perform a full head installation. This tool has been proven to reduce that time in as little as 30 minutes, whilst keeping installation safety at the forefront!

How do I find out how to use the Easiring tool?

Here at Easiring we like to keep things simple. Therefore, we have compiled a series of step by step tuition videos covering performing an in-depth consultation, the importance of sectioning, contraindications and how to use the tool safely.

I heard hair extensions are bad for your hair!

Let’s be honest, when God created women in all of our splendour, he never intended for us to start messing about with our natural awesomeness by adding hundreds of grams of foreign weight to our heads, but alas we do.

So, at Easiring HQ we decided that if we are gonna do it, let’s at least do it as safely as we can.

Hundreds of women have graced our academy doors with bald spots, from rings being applied too closely to the scalp, traction alopecia from badly installed weaves fitted too tightly to the wrong hair type and flare ups where by “qualified extensionists” haven’t even performed the basics such as a ring allergy test.

By ensuring your Easiring hair extensions are applied and removed as per our guidelines, maintenances are performed on time, aftercare followed through properly and regular breaks occur, there is no reason why anyone would need to succumb to the fate of hair extension damage.

Can I wash my hair as normal with my hair extensions?

Ok, so there is a slight technique to washing your new tresses to ensure a deep clean, all of this is covered in our aftercare section.

How often do I have to change my hair extensions?

We would recommend that you give your hair a break after 12 weeks of wear. Give your scalp and natural tresses a good scrub and treatment. Don’t forget to get booked into your salon to give your ends a trim!

Can I do it myself?

Unfortunately, not a full head installation, unless you are an owl. However, our in-depth online tutorial makes the application process so simple, not to forget to mention safe, you could get your granny to do it for you!

How many stands do I need for a full head?

The average full head takes approximately 150 strands = 6 packs of our Easiring premium 100% Remy human hair extensions. This figure will fluctuate based on different factos, such as size of head, thickness of hair, volume required.

How many stands do I need for a half head?

The average half head takes approximately 75 strands = 3 packs of our Easiring premium 100% Remy human hair extensions. This figure will fluctuate on different factors such as size of head, thickness of hair, volume required.

Is Easiring hair quality hair?

Easiring premium 100% Remy human hair extensions are renowned for its extremely high quality which gives us an unwavering confidence in our hair. Due to our commitment to only source and provide the very best human hair to our client’s we are now paving the way as one of the top suppliers of human hair extensions in the industry.

Although the world of hair extensions is vast, the amount of high quality hair in the industry is incredibly small – approximately 8%, finding a good source that is long lasting and genuinely high in quality can prove to be very difficult. We are so passionate about this industry, we have made it our mission to only provide the very best human hair extensions for our clients. We source all of our products from young donors and our trade secret is the way we process the hair. Our procedure ensures not only the best quality human hair batches are produced, but also that its maximum lifespan can be achieved.

Easiring premium 100% Remy human hair extensions do not tangle or matt. Our human hair extensions hold all of the attributes of natural flowing hair. Wears and washes with ease.

How long will the hair last?

Easiring premium 100% Remy human hair possesses longevity and our hair can last over 12 months and still remain manageable, lustrous and strong providing that you follow the correct aftercare.


Easiring premium human hair extensions are continually tested against other well known brands for quality assurance and ALWAYS come out on top. We have received incredible feedback from major salons, retailers and private professionals that have tested our hair against other larger, popular brands and they have confirmed unanimously that our quality is unrivalled.